Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kraft First Taste

All companies out there want to promote their products. Some companies use Survey companies to have people test their products, others use "community" websites to get people to try their products, review them and talk about them. And some companies build their own community website to promote their products. I will talk about the different kinds at a later time, but today I want to talk about Kraft First Taste. Kraft foods offers a wide range of products, and as a way to promote they new products the have created Kraft First Taste. This is their explanation of the website: Experience new products before anyone else — join today!
Welcome to First Taste, the best place to get the inside scoop on the latest Kraft products, be one of the first to try them, and tell us what you think. Join our community today to start connecting with other members, and sharing special offers with friends
All you have to do is sign up for an account, and then log on to their website early in the month every month and see if there is an offer posted for you. Usually, if you log in to their website in the first few days of the month you will find an offer. You just have to accept it, they will send you a coupon for the Free product, then you just go to the store to buy it. They also give you an opportunity to send coupons to your friends. I have done it for several months and have gotten coupons for digiorno pizza, jello, oreos, etc... This past months their offer actually included 6 products!!! It's a great way to try new foods. They just ask you to come back and fill out a quick survey (usually 4 to 6 questions) after you've tried your product. You can also become more active on their website, and participate in polls and conversation, but all that is optional.

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