Saturday, May 22, 2010

House Party

I thought I would start today with one of my favorite concepts. It's called house party . It's a website that promotes events from all kinds of different companies. They just ask you to sign up on their website, pick an event that interests you, and fill out a quick survey. The rest is up to them. They will pick finalists to host a "House Party" and promote the item or food or whatever that companies wants to promote. It's free for everyone, no direct selling, just free stuff and a party! Once you are chosen as a finalist, you just have to set up your "party" page on their website. You just invite your friends, and wait for your package to arrive. They give you lots of ideas of activities to do at your party, but it's really all up to you, you decide how you want to plan your party. I have done several parties for them, and have never been disappointed. I will admit, I fill out more applications than parties I get to host, but being picked for any party makes it all worth it. I have done parties for anything from Hot Wheels battle Force, to DiGiorno, to FisherPrice, to WhiteCloud paper towels. There is something for everyone, and not only do you get cool stuff, but you get to share it with your friends. Try it out, it doesn't cost anything, and it's a lot of fun.
I will come back and introduce different website and different topics that I enjoy. Feel free to comment if you get to host a party or if you have any questions. I want everyone to be able to enjoy getting free stuff, it's fun!!!

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