Friday, June 4, 2010

Bzz Agent: Got2b Smooth Operator and Hill’s Science Diet

As a BzzAgent I was recently invited to two campaigns, the Got2b Smooth Operator and the Hill’s Science Diet Toy & Small Breed. BzzAgent is a network of people who use word-to-mouth for a variety of products and services. You just build a profile, fill out a couple of surveys and wait until you are invited to campaigns. Once you are chosen to do a campaign, talk about your product, and spread the word about it. You are usually given samples or coupons for your Bzz and a full size product for you. Then all you have to do is report your Bzz. The more reports and the more active your are on their site, the more campaigns you get invited to. I have always had a great experience with BzzAgent, and this time I have two great products I get to spread the word about.

For my latest campaign, I got a full size bottle of the Got2b Smooth Operator lotion, and I will say, I love it. It gives your hair an amazing weightless lustre that’s touchable and soft. As an added bonus, it protects against heat styling damage and contains a UV protectant too! Living in Florida, I love the fact that it is UV protectant, and it definitely kept my hair very soft. It didn't clump up or harden from the product, but it did style my hair. Another nice thing is that it smells great, and the bottle is very cute. You can find more info about it here. Stay tuned I will be giving away some samples and coupons, so you guys can try it too!!!

The other products I got to try is Hill’s Science Diet Toy & Small Breed. I have a Pug, and I will say, he seemed to love the food. Now I will admit that he isn't usually a picky eater!! However, Hill's Science diet food has a lot of advantages over other dog foods, and if you really want to care for your pet, I would recommend trying this. Here are some of the benefits of Hill’s Science Diet Toy & Small Breed: Enhances immunity to support long life expectancy, Promotes a healthy skin, coat, ears and eyes, Promotes strong bones and healthy muscles to support an active life and Promotes optimal nutrient absorption. If you have a puppy or a bigger dog, they also have foods designed for your pet, they even carry cat foods. And you can't go wrong all these, and great taste, are 100% guaranteed or your money back!

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