Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Find other with moms in your area

If your new to an area and want to find other moms to interact with, or you are a new mom and want advice from other moms, or you just simply want to meet other moms. I found this website and I think a lot of people could benefit from it. It's called momslikeme, and you just pick your area of the country (they have a good selection), and you can start interacting with other moms. Other things I have found useful on the site, at least in my area, is that they post a lot of free local events to attend to with your kids, or play dates. They also have some nice contests. Those are good contests to enter as they are local ones, therefore you are competing against fewer people to win. Be aware that most likely you will have to go pick up your prize if you win. They also have a coupons section, if you clip coupons, and a marketplace section, if you are looking to sell or buy things. It's worth checking out.

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