Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Joining Communities: Vocalpoint and SheSpeaks

The other day I talked about becoming a part of Kraft FirstTaste, and how it was Kraft's way of promoting their new items. Some companies prefer to promote their new items through community websites. The first one I would suggest becoming a part of is Vocalpoint. They call themselves a community of moms, what you do is sign up on their website, set up a profile, and based on your profile they will match you up with offers. They have many useful articles about things around the house, food, recipes and family topics, as well as polls and info about products. My experience with vocalpoint is that anytime they have something for you to try, they automatically mail it to you, they call those "Try & Tells". You get a package with either a sample and some coupons, or a coupon for a free item, and coupons to share. Just try the item out, and go back to their website and post your honest opinion. It's very simple, and as long as you log on to their website once in a while and answer a few surveys, they will keep sending you things. And again, you can become a lot more active on their website and participate in more polls or discussions if you want to. Examples of things I have gotten through vocalpoint are shampoos, cereal bars, tissues, fruit snacks.
The second one I would suggest is SheSpeaks, it's very similar to vocalpoint. Just build a profile, and SheSpeaks will send you surveys if they think you would qualify to test a product. Then come back and participate in discussions about the item. They also offer "Member Offers" with sample or discounts. With SheSpeaks I participated in trying Orelda mash'n steam potatoes, and I also got a potato masher with it. I also got a magazine subscription to try. These site are a lot of fun to be a part of, and you get to try products you might have never bought. Of course, they love that you talk about the stuff you liked!!

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