Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Save Money on Groceries Without Coupons

I will be the first to tell you that you CAN save a lot on groceries using coupons. If you combine store coupons, manufacturer coupons, and sales, you can cut your grocery bill in half. However, I do understand that some of you prefer not to use coupons. Whatever the reason for not using coupons; too time consuming, not sure how to use them, or you can't find coupons for products that you use, you can still save money on groceries!!
Have you considered purchasing groceries by the box? Many organizations, offer box of foods for as little as $30.
For example, you can buy a box of food from the Angel Food Ministries for $30, and it will feed a family of 4 for a week. It is worth it if you are going to eat everything in the box. They also offer boxes with only meats, only seafood, only vegetables, and even an after school box to cater for kids. I will admit that I am not a big fan of their "children" boxes, as they seem to have a lot of fried foods in them.

These organizations are NOT income restricted. Anyone can benefit. I have personally ordered several boxes, and was always very pleased with the quality of the food.

Below are a few organizations that offer these services: They aren't available in all areas of the country, but hopefully you will find something near your home.

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