Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Angela's Ashes

Wow, I just finished Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt, and what an amazing book, so hard, not hard to read, but hard to believe that this is actually someones childhood. Even with the harsh reality in the book, it's written with some humor, and it's definitely a book to read. It's made me realize that however "poor" we think we are, we are actually very "privileged". I am now even more thankful for what I have, and what I can provide for my children.

I love to read, but book aren't always very cheap, however, reading is a hobby that can be enjoyed at very low costs. Here are some ideas.

~When my friend told me about Angela's Ashes, I started my search in Goodwills and Thrift stores, and soon enough, I found Angela's Ashes in Hardcover for $2.99. The list price $24.99.

~If you're not into searching thrift stores for a specific book, try They usually have book very cheap, and just standard Media Mail shipping.

~Of course, you can also borrow the books from the Library. The Library is not always the most convenient option for me, even though it would be the cheapest option, because I never know what can come up that I would have to postpone reading for a while. So the 3 week deadline would work most of the time, but not always.

~If you have a lot of books at home already, why don't you try Swaptree. You can trade your books with books that you want (you enter a list of your wants), and only pay shipping.

~If you have a group of friends that love reading as well, why don't you form your own swap group. You may have to buy full priced books once in a while, but you will get to read many others for free.

Do you have any other ideas? Please share with us....

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