Saturday, July 3, 2010

EZ Win Game ~ I Won, You Can Win Too!!!

I was debating whether to tell all of you about EZWin Games, because I wasn't sure if it was very likely to win from them.
Well, I can now say that you can DEFINITELY win from EZWin Games!!
On 6/30 I won their Nintendo Wii sweepstakes (username Minaob on their winners page)!!! And not like other sweepstakes where you have to wait 4 to 8 weeks to get it shipped, they send my prize within two days! I am still in shock, a Wii is amazing!!

It's very simple to enter their sweeps:

~Sign up for an account.

~Click on the sweepstakes you want to win.

~Come back everyday (or how often you want to enter).

If you refer friends, and they win the Grand Prize which is an IPad right now, because you referred them, you win too!!!
Hurry Sign up, and win some prizes :)


  1. No way! Big congrats! I had to save up survey money forever to get a Wii...that's so fun that you won one! I'm going to go check this out now!

    Thanks for liking the Low Entry Lowdown and stopping by to comment :)

    Ten Talents...

  2. Whoa! When I went there, I saw you won a $25 Walmart gift card too! That's awesome :) Thanks for sharing about this site!