Friday, July 16, 2010

LifeLock Review

As a Bzz Agent, I was given the opportunity to sign up for a one year LifeLock membership. I was very excited about this campaign, as I am always afraid of identity theft, but unfortunately, most plans to protect my identity do not fit in my budget.
LifeLock helps protect your identity by providing you notification of identity theft threats, searching the web for the illegal selling of your personal information, helping cancel and replace the contents of your lost or stolen wallet, and verifying change of address requests.
I have not been a member of LifeLock for long, and I am already very impressed with them. Shortly after signing up with them, I received an email from them stating that they had requested my free annual credit report from all three credit agencies on my behalf. I have already received my credit report from one agency.
As I mentioned before, LifeLock offers great services to protect yourself from identity theft, however, it does not fit in everyone's budget. If you can make it fit in your budget I would definitely recommend it. They offer monthly payments of $10, which are quite affordable.
To learn more about LifeLock check HERE, and to learn more about how I got to participate in this campaign through Bzz Agent check HERE.

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