Monday, July 19, 2010

Low Cost- No Cost Kid Fun

Last week I posted some fun things to do with the kids that will cost very little to no money at all.
From the suggestions on my last post, we had the kids manage their own "restaurant" at home. They had a lot of fun, from making menus, to serving foods and drinks, and cooking a special desert as well.

Here are more suggestions:

~Soccer bowling. Set up 10 empty soda cans or plastic bottles in a triangle or circle on a fairly level section in your yard or driveway. Give each child three tries to knock down as many "pins" as possible by kicking an inflated ball at them from at least 20 feet away. Keep score like bowling.

~Scrapbook. If you have a digital camera, consider letting the children take photos throughout the summer and get the best ones printed. Alternatively, you could buy a few disposable cameras for them to use. Using your craft supplies, create mini scrapbooks of what the kids did over their summer vacation.

~ Be a tourist. Pretend to be a tourist in your own town and near by locations. Use maps to discover landmarks, attractions and parks that you’ve never gone to, and plan family trips to visit each.

~ Visit every playground. Determine how many playgrounds are within a 25 mile radius of your home, and pick one day a week as playground day. Try to get a few other families to join you; and visit one park each week.

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