Monday, July 26, 2010

Unlock Their Potential Instant Win Game

Here's a great Instant Win Game with Lots and Lots of prizes to win!!!
Everyone has very good chances of winning.
You can Enter Once per day until 8/23/10.
Enter the Why Milk Unlock Their Potential Instant Win Game.

Here a List of all the Prizes to win:
•(30) Compaq Laptop ($479.99 ea.)
•(100) Leap Frog® TAG™ Reading System ($39.99 ea.)
•(300) Leap Frog® Leapster Explorer™ Learning Experience ($69.99 ea.)
•(500) 1-year Trial subscription to Parent & Child magazine ($23.60 ea.)
•(150) Eastsport Basic Backpack ($15 ea.)
•(500) got milk?® school bundle – USB drive and notebook ($15 ea.)
•(15) Office Depot Gift Card ($25 ea.)
•(15) Barnes and Noble Gift Card ($25 ea.)
•(400) Cereal-on-the-go Containers (2 per package) ($9.98 ea.)

Good Luck, and make sure to let us know if you win!!!

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