Monday, August 23, 2010

The Little Looster Review

I've already potty trained two boys, and I was very much dreading starting to potty train my third.  You cannot imagine my excitement when I heard about the Little Looster- Booster for the Loo
The Little Looster is exactly that, a booster for your little ones using the potty.  It provides support for their legs, and allows them to have their hands free from having to hold the sides of the toilet.  It's cleaner, more comfortable, and promotes confidence.

Monica from the Little Looster was very generous to send me one to try, and review it for you guys. 
I love the fact that I can finally to get rid of my old potty training chair, and potty train my youngest one directly on the big potty!  No more having to clean a dirty potty chair several times a day.

It's the perfect height for boys to learn to use the potty standing, and it's very comfortable for boys or girls while sitting.  I find that my son seems a lot less afraid of the big potty, since his feet don't feel so high off the ground anymore.

I also found that my 4 year old and my 3 year old are loving having this new booster.  Not only is it new and cool, but they are actually a lot more comfortable, and stable on the toilet. 
And I love that since they go from higher I don't have as much mess on the toilet seat :)

The only negative I found was that when I first saw the Little Looster, I was a little afraid it wouldn't fit in my bathroom.  We have one very small bathroom with very little room between the toilet seat, with the bathtub on one side and the cabinet on the other.  The Little Looster looks huge when you look at it by itself.  However, it actually fit in my bathroom perfectly.  And it didn't get in the way of adults using the bathroom.
Ideally, if I had a kids bathroom I would put it there, but strictly for esthetics's. 

Want to get one for your little ones?  BUY IT HERE.
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Disclaimer: I received a Little Looster free to review, the opinion are 100% mine, I received no other forms of compensation.


  1. Coming over from Ten Talents! This makes a great shower gift, I have a shower coming up in 2 months and definately will consider this

  2. Found you through Ten Talents. this is a great stepping stool for the toilet. I like how it wraps around and gives more space in to move around.


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  3. This would have been very helpful when I was potty-training my kids (they're 7 and 9, now). It was such a hassle with the 1st, that I dreaded it with my 2nd!

  4. We are currently potty training our almost 3 year old son, this would be awesome to have for him to use. I keep entering giveaways for them, but I have yet to win one. :)

    Heather K.
    mysticbutterfly37 at

  5. My bathroom is set up exactly like yours! I wish I had known about this one when my boy was potty training.