Sunday, August 1, 2010

4 Creatives Ideas to Keep Kids Busy

Whether it's summer break, spring break or Winter break we always need some fun ideas to keep the kids occupied.  Here is a list of my favorites.  They're simple and fun:
Giant Bubble painting: Tape several sheets of paper together on the backside, and flip them over on the lawn. Put a few drops of food coloring in bubble containers, and let the kids blow bubble on the paper. They'll love the art they're making.

Paper Mache: Mix water and flour in a bowl to create a paste. Cut up strips of newspapers and make papermache objects. You can make piñatas, decorative items or animal creations. Just remember it takes several days for it to dry before you can paint and decorate it.
Hello, Wonderful has 10 fun project ideas, check it out HERE.

Play school: Take turns being the teacher and the students, and make worksheets and activities for the students to complete.  Find great printouts HERE from
"Outdoor" restaurant: Kids love to play restaurant, and who doesn’t love to play in the dirt? Send the kids outside with plastic cups and plastic spoons, or anything you find around the house and see what kind of gourmet meals they come up with. They can make salads from leaves and flower petals, mud pies, and tree bark cake.

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