Monday, August 9, 2010

Soda Stream Review

Nothing is more fun than making you own soda from home!  I got the chance to try the Soda Stream, and I was very impressed.
The Soda Stream company was so nice to send me their soda maker to try, along with lots of different flavors.

I'm sure we all have the same worries when we think of making soda from home.  Maybe it doesn't taste as good as soda from the store, maybe it's too complicated to use, and so on.

Well, the Soda Stream crushed all those worries.  Not only does the soda taste great, but it's so easy to use, and there are really lots of advantages to using it.

Here are the PROS:
  • It's a lot cheaper than buying soda from the store, since you are using tap water.
  • It's offers all the flavors you love, from regular colas, lemonades, diet sodas, but also energy drinks and flavored waters.
  • It's a "green" product.  You are actively reducing the CO2 footprint every time you make soda.
  • No batteries, no electricity, no plumbing.
  • No lugging around soda bottles or cans, and less recycling to worry about.
Here are the CONS:
  • The only thing I could find, was that sometimes I enjoy the convenience of grabbing a can on-the-go.  You can only make soda in bottles with the Soda Stream.

My husband and kids have really enjoyed making soda from home.  I love the fact that they offer your traditional flavors, but also different flavors you don't find anywhere else. 
I'm a big fan of their sparkling waters, MyWater Flavor Essences.

My husband really likes the Energy drink, and I love the fact that we can finally get energy drinks for a lot cheaper, these things cost a fortune at the store.

You can have a Soda Stream machine for your family as well.  Buy it HERE.

Disclaimer: I received a Soda Stream for free to review.  The opinions are 100% mine.  I did not receive any other forms of compensation.

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  1. this seems really great,my family will enjoy soda stream! thanks for sharing this with us!!!!