Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chex Mix Snacks "Game Day" Get Together

General Mills has started organizing what they call MyGetTogethers!  Being a member of their Pssst community, you can sign up to host a MyGetTogether from home with your friends. 

I was recently selected to host a Chex Mix Snacks "Game Day" Get Together.  We received three bags of Chex Mix, turtle, traditional, and honey nut.  A bowl, plates and napkins.  And of course coupons to share with everyone.  The kids were very excited, we could make our game day even more exciting!!                                                                                                Everyone enjoyed trying the different flavors of Chex Mix.  I think the big winner was turtle, but the other two were very popular as well.  They also provided us with fun recipes to add to you Chex Mix, like one they call "S’more Fun":

Shake in mini marshmallows, milk chocolate chips and Golden Grahams® Cereal.

Home parties are always fun, you get to invite friends and share all the goodies the manufacturer sent you.  MyGetTogether is a new concept, but I think it was very successful for us!

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