Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Frugal In The Household: Make Your Own Cleaning Wipes

Who doesn't love grabing a wipe to clean up quick spills, or just wipe down a counter?  I know I do, but wipes can get pricey.  Here's a great recipe to make your own batch of wipes for much cheaper!!
  •  Use a tub of baby wipes to store or an old cleaning wipes container. Take a roll of paper towels and cut it down to 1/2 in less than the size of your container.  (Keep what's left to make more wipes later).
  • Make the cleaner solution you need: 
    • Disinfectant Cleaner:  ½ cup of generic pine cleaning solution and 2 ¾ cup water.
    • All Purpose Cleaner: 1 ½ cups white vinegar and 1 ½ cups water.
  • Place the roll in your container and poor your cleaning solution over it. Only use until it seems that it has been well absorbed into the paper towel.
  • Close the lid and let soak for a few hours.
  • Open the container and remove the cardboard roll from the middle of your paper towels. Pull the top sheet throught the container hole.
  • That's it, you can start cleaning!!!
**Note: If your wipes ever seem to dry out, just remoisten with water or more cleaning solution.

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