Friday, March 4, 2011

Win anything lately?

I haven't talked about sweepstakes, instant win games or giveaways in a while.  Have you won anything good lately? 

I had been so busy that I had stopped entering blog giveaways.  I still believe they are very "winnable", since you compete against a lot less people, but they are time consuming. 
I continued entering my daily instant-win games, and sweepstakes, and I was lucky with a few wins, and several free product coupons. 
In the last couple of weeks, I started entering blog giveaways again, focusing on low entry giveaways.  Prizes on low entry giveaways aren't usually high value, but many are still very useful.
Well, my few minutes of entering blog giveaways have paid off, here's what I've won in just a few weeks.
  • (2) Free Gordon Seafood Product Coupons (I used these on a B1G1 Sale at Publix and got 4 packs for free)
  • (2) Free Toaster Struddle Coupons.
  • $20 Target Gift Card.
  • $50 Gift Certificate to a Just Between Friends consignment sale. 
This has definitely gotten me more motivated to enter blog giveaways.  There is nothing wrong with taking a break, but if you get tired of not winning sweepstakes, and instant-win games, try a few blog giveaways.  Everyone loves to win things!

Here's a great website I found to help you find low entry giveaways: Tightwad in Utah.

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