Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make Your Own: Frozen Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches

My kids love uncrustables, but I just can't justify them on our budget.  So I started making my own.  It's like the kids never knew the difference, and it's so much better on the budget!

You will need:
  • 24 Slices of bread
  • 1 Jar of Jelly
  • 1 Jar of Peanut Butter
  • Cut the crusts off all sides of the bread.
  • Spread a very thin layer of peanut butter on half the slices. That thin layer will prevent the bread from getting soggy.
  • On that thin layer, add a layer of jelly.
  • On the other half of the bread slices, spread a normal amount of peanut butter.
  • Assemble your sandwiches.
  • Wrap them individually in either a sandwich bag or foil.
  • Put them all back in the bread bag, or a large freezer bag.
  • And freeze.

It's that simple, and will save so much time when in a hurry.  Just let it thaw for a few minutes when you need one.


  1. Do you put them in the toaster? We have never bought the uncrustables, since I too can't justify that amount of money when I can make them a sandwich instead...

  2. I don't usually toast them, if I forget to take them out early, I will put them in the microwave for 30 seconds, I would assume toasting would be fine too!