Saturday, September 1, 2012

NERF FireVision Bzz Report

Already thinking what to get your kids for Christmas?
As a Bzz Agent, I got to try the new NERF FireVision Sports with my boys, and I would definitely recommend it if you have boys ages 6 and up.

Here's a little about it from the company:
Grab a friend and fire up your game with the FIREVISION football. Glowing bright, day or night, FIREVISION Football keeps you playing at the top of your game! Only you and other players equipped with the awesome FIREVISION Frames can see the incredible glowing path carved through the air by the FIREVISION Football. Choose your team, and change the color of the glow with red or green FIREVISION Frames. With a range over 100 feet/30 meters, the FIREVISION Football is the ultimate ball to bring glow to your game.

The kids couldn't even wait to get that box openned!  We had a hurricane coming, so I was trying to get them to wait until the weather got better before opening it, but that wasn't happening!   
The Firevision game looks really cool to kids, you get to wear cool green or red frame above your eyes, and play with a football that lights up when you look at it.   
You can play during the day or at night, but I think it serves more purpose at night. 
I like that the frames are battery powered so you don't need to charge them.
The kit comes with a football and two frames, but you can get more frames separately if you need more.
I let my twelve year old nephew and his friends play with it, and they had a blast.  It can definitely be enjoyed by wide range of ages. 
  • NERF FireVision Hyperbounce Ball $9.99 (includes one pair of FireVision frames).
  • NERF FireVision Nerfoop $14.99 (includes one pair of FireVision frames).
  • Additional NERF FireVision Frames $5.99 (available in red or green).
Find it at,,, and more.

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