Sunday, October 28, 2012

Skeleton Halloween Gift

I have been looking for a while around Pinterest for what kind of gift I could make my niece and nephews for Halloween. 

I definitely didn't want to get them candy, as they will get way too much candy anyways.  So I finally found this post from Wants and Wishes, and settled on making these "Scary" looking food skeletons.

I knew mine would not look as professional as the original post, but here's my best try!

I started by baking a brownie.  I usually like it very gooey, but I baked a little longer to make sure it wouldn't fall apart as I was cutting it.

I gathered a few supplies.  Orange ribbon, lollipop sticks, food coloring and a paint brush.  If you can find and edible marker it would probably easier, I just couldn't find it at the store.

I bought some yogurt covered pretzels.
You will also need marshmallows.  Then paint or draw some Halloween faces on them.

Then assemble them all together, and wrap it in a clear plastic treat bag, and there you have it.
My kids were so jealous I was making that for their cousins, that I had to make a few extras for them.
What Halloween gifts have you made?

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