Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fruit 2 O Mommy Party

Fruit2O, is launching a fun-loving campaign to help us "dial it back" every now and then. 

In today's age of constant communication, it's hard not to notice the endless status updates, food photo sharing and post- workout bragging.

Many of us can admit to the occasional social media over sharing and the Fruit2O app monitors your Facebook posts and updates to create a humorous infographic dashboard, highlighting those areas in which you and your friends may want to dial back.

We got to throw at Fruit2O Mommy Party.  It was perfect as the weather is getting really warm, and we need the kids well hydrated while they play outside.

Big kids and little kids all got to try Fruit2O, and it is definitely a kid's approved drink!

I love that it has zero sugar, zero calories, zero carbs and zero artificial flavors. Fruit2O gives you water with just enough natural fruit flavor.
They has several flavors including grape, lemon, tropical fruit, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, cherry and more.

Everyone got goodies to take home!
Disclosure: The information for this post was provided by Mommyparties.  I received the products in order to host a party.

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