Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Visit to Bailey Farms a #BellaFina Pepper Farm


 I recently got the chance to visit Bailey Farms in South Florida.  Bailey Farms are pepper growers, and one of their specialty pepper is the BellaFina pepper. 

Bailey Farms get the seeds from Monsanto, then grow, package and sell their peppers.  I got to see the process from the plant to the packaging, and it was a great experience. 

The pepper fields

It all starts from this beautiful flower

At Monsanto, they believe there is a science to eating better.  From using innovations to improve crops, including the taste and quality of fruits and vegetables to ensuring that people have access to affordable, abundant options, they are committed to developing products that result in healthy food.

Pepper breeders like Bill McMarthy, who I got the chance to meet, work every day to make nutritious, and healthy food.  Their goal with the BellaFina pepper was to provide the colorful variety, sweet flavor and crunchy texture of standard sized bell peppers at a more affordable price. 

Can you believe it took them 9 years to get the BellaFina pepper to perfection?

The BellaFina peppers are 1/3 the size of full size bell peppers
These peppers were so beautiful and colorful,
I had to take a bite right out there.
It was delicious!
Here are some of the other peppers from Bailey Farms
Bailey Farms is a family-owned operation of growers, re-packers, and distributors of fresh produce in Florida and North Carolina. Farming was always a part of owner Randy Bailey's life, but it wasn't until the age 21 that he decided to focus solely on growing peppers. Bailey Farms was founded in 1998, and since that time, business has grown more than 4,000 percent (40 times). Their passion for peppers is made evident through their specialty chile peppers, tomatillos and hot sauces. You can purchase their products at local east coast retailers in more than 6,600 stores.
Next, was the packaging area

Look at all these colors

Ready to be sent to the stores
We were then invited to an amazing lunch with a great menu

A pepper inspired meal.  Need I say delicious again?
And if you're not yet convinced to try these peppers, how about this: They are low calorie and high fiber foods that are packed with vitamins A, C and E plus beta-carotene, potassium, and folic acid!

Look at this great idea.
Make a centerpiece from BellaFina peppers!
Get Social with Bailey Farms and Monsanto:
 For more information on peppers, visit here and here.
Stay tuned for some yummy recipes using BellaFina peppers coming tomorrow!

Disclosure: I was provided a travel stipend by Monsanto to offset transportation costs to and from Bailey Farms. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Thanks for coming Naomie! It was great meeting you.

  2. Knowing Bailey Farms uses Monsanto GMO seeds, I will no longer be purchasing your products.

  3. Sorry to say that your company has fallen for a form of greed with Monsanto
    We cannot appreciate the fact that you have ties with the genetically modified seed
    Altering what God has made is pretty disgraceful
    We shall spread the word that your company is GMO especially since it's not notated on your packaging for unaware people to make a choice
    That is a form of deceit