Friday, April 11, 2014

A Minecraft Birthday Party

Welcome to my latest themed party!  

This time we planned a surprise Minecraft Birthday Party.

What I loved about planning this party was that it can be prepared quickly and it can be kept very affordable.  Make a trip to the Dollar Tree, and buy everything green that you can find, you can turn it all into a Minecraft theme.

The door is simply a table cloth with black construction paper, and black duct tape. Really you could omit the construction paper, and make it all in duct tape.

These were used as decorations, but they can also be used as favor bags.  Just buy green paper bags, and glue black construction paper on them.

Above are some different decorations we had around the house.
  • Top left is a poster board with different color construction paper.
  • Top right are some decorations above the food table.
  • Bottom left is a plastic box found at Dollar Tree with construction paper on each sides, perfect to hold silver wear. 
  • Finally, bottom right is a Minecraft "tree", green chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick.

Hang Minecraft balloons around the house.  
I used black duct tape on the balloons.

Some Minecraft themed snacks.

The coal is made of rice krispie treats with black food coloring.

This was made by my brother's girlfriend.  
The top is a Minecraft cake and bottom layer is a Mario inspired.

Finally, the kiddos had to match the theme too!
Green shirts and duct tape!

Are you ready for your Minecraft party?

This party was inspired by ideas on Pinterest and other sites.

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