Monday, June 9, 2014

A Visit to Busch Gardens Tampa

Disclosure: This is sponsored post.  As a Busch Gardens Tampa Ambassador, I was given entrance tickets for free, however, all opinions are 100% mines.

Last week we had the opportunity to spend a fun family day at Busch Gardens Tampa.  
The kids were so excited!  We've been to Busch Gardens before, but it had been a while, and now that they are a little older, they were really able to enjoy and remember the experience.

We made sure to get there around opening time so we could enjoy as much time as we needed in the park.

Family Tip: If you have young children, and use a stroller, make sure to ask the parking attendant for a Stroller Parking Pass.  This will take you near the preferred parking so you won't have to fold and unfold the stroller to get in the tram.
With tickets printed in advance, it was very easy to get into the park.  No lines, we went straight to the gates.  

Busch Gardens gets you straight into the theme park mood with people on stilts welcoming you at the entrance.  We grabbed a map, and were on our way to a fun day.

First we stopped by Myombe reserve, where we got to see Chimpanzees and gorillas. You get to walk through these animals' natural habitats, and see them interact with each other.  It was fascinating to see the interactions from up close.

Next up was IcePloration at the Moroccan Palace Theater. IcePloration was a beautiful show with a combination of ice skating and live animals.

I love the message in show about getting kids to put down the smartphones and explore the world.

The kids even got to meet one of the stars of the show!

We continued out journey with more animals.  This time we arrived at feeding time for the tigers in Jungala.  

The trainers were there giving us details about the tigers, and trying to teach the tiger to swim for us.  They were throwing a stick in the water, and rewarding the tiger with food if she went in the water. 

It was really interesting to watch from so close, and we learned a lot of great info.  I love being able to ask questions about the animals with people who work with them everyday. 

Finally, we arrived in the New Pantopia, where you find the New Falcon's Fury! Falcon's Fury wasn't opened yet, but I'd love to give it a try next time we visit.  

The decor in Pantopia was bright and beautiful.  

This is where we stopped for lunch at the Pantopia Grill, and we even got to watch a singing and dancing show while we ate.

Now the Kids' favorite!  Sesame Street Safari of Fun.  After seeing the animals, it was time for a little fun for kids.  

They got to relax on rides, and freshen up in the water area.  Sesame Street Safari of Fun is great for younger kids.  There is even a couple live shows, and a meet and greet area with characters.

After the fun, we climbed on the Rhino Rally ride, and walked along Kangaroos in the Walkabout way.  

We also saw alligators from up close, and walked in the bird gardens. 

My daughter was too young for the kangaroos so they gave her food to feed the ducks, which she really enjoyed doing.

Of course, you can't enjoy a Florida afternoon without rain, but the Cheetahs were still beautiful even in the rain!

This great day had to come to an end eventually, but even a little wet everyone was still in great spirits! 

We can't wait to go back to try the rides we didn't get to go on this time, and watch a couple of different shows.

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