Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop #BuildABearFriend

My son has dreamed of going to Build-A-Bear for a long time.  We didn't have a store near us, so we've just never been.  When we got the opportunity to make our own bear from Smiley360, I thought it would be the perfect time make the drive.

My son started out by picking which bear he wanted to make.  They are so many choices from Superheros, My little Pony, Disney's Princess Palace Pet to Ninja Turtles and Hello Kitty.  Something for everyone.

My son picked a Batman Bear, next he headed to the stuffing station.  The staff was very friendly and involved, making sure that the kids feel very special about their bear.  They do a little song and dance before putting the heart in the bear. 

Next, my son went to the dry bath station, then the dressing room area, where you pick your bear's outfit, and dress him. 

Finally, the naming station.  Your child goes to the computers, and makes the Birth Certificate for their Bear.

We had a blast, my son loved it, and I can't wait to take my other kids there.

Bab product 208x208

Disclosure: We received a free gift card from Smiley360 in order to make a  bear, however, all options are 100% mine.

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  1. did not know they had marvel can not wait to have my son do one !!!