Friday, October 24, 2014

5 Hair Beauty Tips for Little Girls

After having three boys, I never imagined a little girl's hair routine would become so much work. 
I've compiled a small list of easy tips to help with your little girl's hair on busy mornings.
  • Avoid Tangles: Use a detangler, or make you own.  There is nothing worst than a screaming little one when you try to brush her hair.  The detangler will make hair brushing much easy on you and your child.
  • Involve her in Choosing a Hairstyle: I can usually convince my daughter to sit down to do her hair if she can decide what hairstyle she gets.
  • Distract Her: If the hairstyle your are planning to do will take a while, plan to be in front of the TV, give her a tablet, or anything that will keep her distracted.
  • Start Bows Early: If you plan on having her wear bows and headbands. Start very young so she gets used to wearing them, after a while she won't mess with them anymore.
  • Keep Her Hair Healthy:  The healthier the hair, the easier it will be to comb, and style.  Make sure she wears hats to protect from the sun and pollution.  Also, rinse her hair after swimming in chlorine water.
These tips have helped tremendously with our mornings.  I hope you can find them useful!

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