Sunday, March 8, 2015

Safe Kids Headphones from Puro Sound Labs ~ Review

Between the computer, the tablets, and the Mp3 players, my kids seem to always be on some kind of device.  And the noises from their games and music get very annoying, very quickly. 
We've tried a few different headphones, and they work great at eliminating the noise for me, but they are never very sturdy, and can you really trust your kids to listen at safe sound levels?
When Puro Sound Labs contacted me to try their studio grade kids wireless headphones with volume-limiting ear protection, I couldn't wait.
Puro Sound Labs worked hard at making the best quality kid headphones that parents could feel great giving to their kids. 
According to the CDC, 85 dBA is an advisable threshold volume level for personal devices like phones and tablets, so the Puro Sound Labs kids headphones limit the volume level to that same 85 dBA limit.   
Do you see how comfy these headphones look?  Well, they are as comfortable as they look!  They fit perfectly on kids.  All four of my kids ages 9, 8, 6 and 4 tried them, they fit well on all their heads.
They are also built with aircraft-grade aluminum in the earcups and headband to insure that they will last far longer than competing products made from cheap plastic. It also makes them lighter and gives them a higher quality feel.
My son is using them with the wires in the picture, but these headphones come with wireless capability.  Once charged, the headphones have an 18 hour battery life! 

If you're already thinking that these headphones are awesome, there's more...

They also come with Ambient noise attenuation, which basically blocks out background noise without having to increase the volume. 

*** We love these headphones.  They're great for my kids ears and they look awesome!  Plus my son loves the carrying case they come in, so he can bring them with him safely on trips. 

Check out Puro Sound Labs HERE to learn more about their Healthy Ears program and more.

BUY IT: Find them HERE for $79.99.  Free Shipping on all orders.

Disclosure: I received the above product for free in order to write this review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. Can't wait to try these out! By the way, I just saw that the Costco website has a really good deal on these!