Friday, May 8, 2015

Mom's Deserve it! Celebrate National Mom's Night Out #NMNO15 #MomsNightOut

I received free products in order to host the National Mom's Nite Out Party.  The opinions expressed here are my own.

May 7th was National Mom's Night Out, did you celebrate?
Thanks to the generosity of MomSelect, I was able to gather several moms and plan a fun night out.
 We decided to meet at a local café that way no one had to worry about cooking, baking or cleaning their house for guests. 
We started the night with our MyPrintly photobooth props, a great ice breaker.
Our party kit included tons of goodies.  If you haven't watch the Mom's Night Out movie, you have to watch it right away.  It's hilarious and I love it just as much every time I see it.  Since I already had the movie, I gave this copy away to happy mom.
Decorating wine glasses is great craft activity moms can do together. 
Make sure to check out the free printable wine glass tags from Myprintly.
We enjoyed delicious milkshakes and a good games of cards with our Bicycle Cocktail Party playing cards we received as gifts.
Thanks to our awesome sponsors MyPrintly, Bicycle, and Mom's Night Out Movie, everyone went home with awesome gifts. 
I've already put to use the HP photo paper for Mother's Day cards.

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