Monday, October 19, 2015

Beach Christmas Family Photo Ideas

Can you believe it's Christmas pictures time again. 
Ok, you still have a some time before you really need to get serious about them, but I like to get a head start.  I've noticed that the longer I wait, the busier we get with everything else, and Christmas picture becomes overwhelming.
So I usually get prepared around mid October to early November.
I'm very lucky to have a sister who is very talented and takes amazing pictures, so I usually handle the idea for the picture, and I leave the picture taking to her.
Last year, I decided to take our project to the beach.  After a little digging, and creating we had a perfect background for our picture.
Of course I put my husband to work....
The kids helped with digging the holes where the boys would go, and my niece and I worked on the sandman and other decorations.
We made sure to plan the shoot for around sunset for a few reasons. 
First, there would be less people on the beach, but more importantly, there would be less shadows on the kids faces.
Also, my kids are very sensitive to the sun, and if we took the pictures in full daylight, they would all have closed eyes.
Here's the final result. 
I used this one for my Christmas cards.

It's also a nice background for individual pictures!
My kids aren't always cooperative during photo shoots, but by involving them in the preparation process they seemed more willing to pose for a few minutes.
If you want to see more pictures from my sister, check out her facebook page at Arabelle G. Photography

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